Property Management Agreement

Mark & Jane offer professional property management services to homeowners in the Brentwood and Franklin Communities. Is this your situation and you’re wondering what to do?

      • You want to sell your home, but would like to wait until the market improves;
      • You’ve accepted a position out of town and haven’t been able to sell your home yet;
      • You’ve recently purchased an investment property and need someone to take care of it;
      • You can no longer afford your monthly mortgage payments, but selling isn’t an option.

We can help…Here are some of the professional property management services we provide to our property management clients:

  • Current rental market analysis;
  • Comprehensive marketing of property;
  • Showing property to potential tenants;
  • Performing background checks on potential tenants;
  • Verifying employment and income of potential tenants;
  • Negotiating and executing leases;
  • Handling emergency maintenance issues;
  • Providing notices to tenants as needed;
  • Performing move-in and move-out inspections;
  • Preparing property for market including painting, cleaning & repairs;
  • Collecting rents;
  • Processing all vendor payments;
  • Sending monthly property report and check to homeowner.

Our team will provide the expertise and professional management services needed to lease your home promptly and successfully.

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“There are still good options during these challenging economic times. We can help homeowners make the best of their situation and provide some financial relief when it’s needed most.”

-Mark and Jane

Equal Housing Opportunity.